Trainers Support Program

Our goal is to support the trainers in general and especially the beginners, also upgrade the professional and practical level




1. Advertising design.

2. Assist in making Power point presentations.

3. Advertising courses.

4. Adopting of the training courses.

6. Provide support consultations for trainers.

7. Reservation for training rooms.

8. Provide equipment when needed.

9. Providing printing works (papers and banners).

10. Organize seminars and training workshops for the club members.

11. Organize discussion seminars for some supporting books for the trainers.




1. The trainer obtains a certificate of accreditation as a certified trainer of the American College of the Wheel.

2. Earn a membership card.

3. Adopting the training materials and zip files.

4. Attend meetings and workshops.

5. Participate in the annual competition for the title of best coach.

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or you can apply for a scolarship