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The system of "Professional University Degrees" is accredited in most Western European countries, America, and Canada. Where the certificates issued by the college are certified by the US Department of State and the Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington. Although, unfortunately, Arab governments have not yet accredited online education.

The benefit is to increase general knowledge and experience. Also, to grow socially and economically.

If compared to other tuition fees, they are considered very reasonable.

Fees include US State Department fees, Kuwait Embassy fees, and the mail requirements. In addition to the papers of tests and meetings between the student and the supervisor of the master's or doctorate.

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Upon submission of the application, a contract will be signed that will bind both the College and the applicant, and through this contract all rights and duties will be preserved.

We are dealing with a selection of highly qualified and experienced doctors. The thesis will be evaluated according to the specialization and the number of years of the applicant’s student experience.

One of the most important requirements and the required papers that the applicant must provide are the certificates of experience. Which are obtained from the employers in which the applicant has worked for or is still working for.

The mechanism begins with the choice of the applicant student to the required major, and then the student will be linked to the doctor who will supervise the graduation thesis; whether the supervisor is in or outside Kuwait. Then the supervisor determines what books or references the thesis will be written from. The thesis will then be written by the student and presented to the doctor for evaluation, and then a date for the interview will be set for evaluating the thesis, the final result and issuing the certificate.