Degrees Terms and Conditions

Presentation and registration:

Register through the online college page, and log all data required and download papers and documents.

Or by applying directly through proxy representation office in your country.

Required documents and papers:

1- The last degree obtained by the student applicant.


    • Advanced General certificate of secondary education for Bachelor's degree.

    • Undergraduate certificate for applicant to get a master's degree.

    • Master degree for doctoral advanced.


2- Certificates proving practical experience advanced lltalbet and that at least five years in the field of specialization to be studied.


3- Certificates (if any) to the advanced phase courses during his tenure.

The conditions and criteria:

Practical experience of at least five years in the same field of specialization. And installed by certificates and biography.

Study Method:

After application, the required conditions are met and the filings required documents, choose between the following methods:

 1- Bachelor and master students:

  • Writing scientific research or thesis.

  • Study some books and make a test.


  2- Doctoral students:

  • Writing a doctoral thesis.

  • Rid the book of books desired specialization.

Duration of the Study:

Practical experience of at least five years in the same field of specialization. And installed by certificates and biography.

Rules and regulations:

1- The College is accredited, most ministries of higher education in the Arabic States, and thus will be College and certificates issued them acceptable to the private sector.


2- Will provide the necessary support and supervision through college crew for the stairs.


3- Include fees paid support and supervision that specifies in providing letters of graduation, and also includes the State of ratifications and the Embassy of the country in Washington and mail.


4- Not entitled to party II claim to recover the amounts paid after signing the contract only in case of breach College one of the items of the contract signed between the College and the student applicant.


P5- The college undertakes not to divulge any information regarding the student without reference to him.

Postpone withdrawal and refunds:

1- If a student is late submission of scientific research about the durations mentioned in (Guide to writing scientific research), will pay an additional fee of $300 USD or the equivalent of 100 dinars, as demurrage.


2- In case the student wish to final withdrawal from college program (read or master or PhD), the student is not entitled to reimbursement.


3- If the student's desire to return to school after the final withdrawal, payment of fees as a freshman.


All certificates will be documented and certified by the U.S. Embassy and the foreign country.


For more information and any other astvesart, please communicate with the agent and representative of the College in your country, or with a regional headquarters for the College in the State of Kuwait.