University Vocational Degrees

Many individuals work in a profession or job for many years, and acquire a scientific and practical experience that cannot be obtained through university studies. These experiences are obtained and earned by pure experience and self-challenging opportunities, also short courses that may be passed during the course of the work. However, they are unable to rise in the career ladder and thus become a hostage to the current standard of living, because of the lack of a degree or university degree!


From this concept the idea of "professional university degrees" has started, which aims to eliminate this huge gap between the practical experiences, and university academic education.


This system is an applies system effective in most Western European countries, America, and Canada. The system is accredited in the governments and teaching institutes of these countries.


The Wheel School of America is proud to offer practical solutions to meet the needs of this ambitious young population, which aspires to advance on the scientific, practical, social and physical levels.


The system is under the supervision of qualified doctors, with an excellent scientific experience and good reputation in many fields, and from several nationalities.


The system works by letting a specialized professor with a long experience in the required field supervise a student’s thesis, test, and interview, which will most probably be via video call.

Our Majors:


Psychology in its branches.

Business Administration with its branches.

Domestic and international law.

Arabic language.


Terms and Conditions

Master's Degree PhD Conditions
10 Years 15 Years Years of Experience
Bachelors Degree Master's Degree Lower Certificate


Important Notes:-


1. All fees include a guide for preparing graduation letters and research projects (MA, PhD), in addition to support and follow-up.

2. Fees include American Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington certification fees.

3. Full payment is paid in one payment.

4. If you do not pass the test and the interview, 100 KD (equivalent to 350 USD) will be paid for the retesting and interviewing.

5. Fees do not include books and references.

6. 50% down payment upon registration and papers.

7. 25% pay again when you finish presenting scientific research or thesis.

8. 25% third batch on receipt of the certificate certifying official actors.

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Doctor  Trainer  Student

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